document redesign much needed

The holy grail for graphic design geeks lends itself to four simple principles to minimize clutter and maximize aesthetics of a document: the CARP principles. For the document redesign assignment, I searched for fliers on my old high school’s website because I distinctly remember ignoring most of these fliers that were posted in the hallway for their lack of attention-grabbing design and impossibly small print. I found a document advertising peer tutoring and decided that it would stand out much more with an overhauling according to the CARP principles, the first of which is contrast.

Contrast helps the eye focus on something that is supposed to stand out amongst other elements and make it more dominant. The peer-tutoring poster I found has basically no contrast, as the entire document is black type on a white background. Although there is some bolding and big fonts, there is not one thing that will entirely capture the attention of passerby.

Another principle of design is alignment, which connects all of the portions of a document together with an invisible line, making it look overall more sophisticated and clean. Although the peer-tutoring poster utilizes center alignment throughout the entire document, which makes it seem as though the page was not randomly put together, the fact that everything is the same alignment also does a bad job emphasizing certain facts that are of more importance than the rest.

Repetition is another important element of design. Although I think that this flier would be much better suited on one page rather than two, there is no element that connects the two pages together whatsoever except for the fact that the font does not change. This type of repetition makes the document boring rather than unifying the pages together to make them seem cohesive and part of a larger project.

In terms of proximity, I feel that this document is very poorly designed because at times the spacing seems too close together and at other times it seems awkwardly far apart and uneven. For instance, so much of the page is taken up by the days and times that the tutoring is being offered. Since this is a chunk of information that belongs together, it can easily be condensed into a box or separate part of the document as to not blend in with the other captions or sentences.

Stay tuned for my stabs at how to make this document less yawn-worthy!



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